Nationwide resources

World Health Organization website with commonly asked questions and myths about COVID-19:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention website with tips for household checklist, caring for children, stress and coping, animal care during the COVID-19 outbreak:

US Federal and Drug Administration website with frequently asked questions about food safety and availability during the pandemic:

Harvard’s Nutrition Source website with information about food safety, nutrition and wellness during COVID-19:

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website with tips and recommendations regarding concerns about food and health during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Harvard’s Nutrition Source website with Information about the role of diet and nutritional supplements during COVID-19:

US Government website with information about food aid options available during the COVID-19 emergency:

Feeding America website with a list of food banks available: 

No Kids Hungry website with a map that helps to find free, healthy meals being served by organizations in the community:

Cooking Matters website with resources including recipes, grocery shopping tips, and advice for meal planning:

ChopChop Family website featuring recipes for chefs of all ages and tips for getting kids involved in the kitchen:

Community Servings website with healthy delicious cooking recipes with seasonal ingredients:

Centers for Disease Prevention and Control website with suggestions and instructions to protect oneself and others from COVID-19 when using transportation: